Sunday, April 19, 2015


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Imo, its really difficult to step out of the comfort zone. There's a lot that I do not understand about myself, and I am just bad in devoting all of my time into something, I find myself constantly checking my phone whenever I'm awake. or maybe I just havent found that one thing that lits up all of my fire. I'm becoming abit of a worry wart, more awkward compared to before, frequently nervous. Sacrifices, decisions all have to be made. But I wonder where I am standing. I'm ok. if thats what you're wondering. I'm just thinking, about questions that I'm unable to answer.

Friday, April 3, 2015


其实我就真的只有想标题厉害. 今天真是咳死了。 过后的我会是怎么样想的.我都知道。 anyways,插曲感觉也不太对, 这交流难啊,多想不看人家脸色。 我想说我想多了,可是我没自信, 是一个多么脆弱的东西,而我又凭什么

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Scrambled eggs

How i feel just now, how i feel now, probably how I would feel later. I realized that I have a really bad mood swing problem. I'm usually happy-neutral, but when I'm not, my systems shut down and Im thrown into a full blown panic. I literally fail to see things calmly. And this is happening more and more often ever since I came back. I wanna rewind time, and step back into a place where not many people know me, a more care-free setting, somewhere Im perfectly at ease being me. Patches fall apart and as usual, I pick them up but they are not pasted back correctly. Dont worry tho, this only applies to my own problem. others are a perfectly subjective matter. So God help me, pull me through, remind me of my priorities. Give me space.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Aku sudah balik,
ke rumah asal saya.

Banyaklah nyamuk! Cis!

Still jet-lagging. failed to fall asleep last night.
and the mosquitoes are really such pests!
Bt yep, Im home :) cant wait to go to the beach :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

p/s: there's hoping we'll get snow for christmas! :D

An old letter from an old friend, no matter what it was,
never fails to cheer me up even by the slightest.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random Rambles

Heya all, Im sorry again I havent been updating my blog.
It was due to exams! i swear!!! ah wells, i properly screwed them all up.
hope i pass though ): *deep in prayer*
Im coming home soon, in less den 3 weeks. I hope Msia will welcome me with open hands.
I can almost feel the breeze now! ahhh! the scent of the sun, mingled with roti canai, curry, goodness, im gonna plump up even more >:

You Should Be My ___.
[] sis
[] bro
[] bf ♥
[] gf ♥
[] Bestfriend (:
[] friend XD
[] TextBuddy
[] Slave/Manslave

You are ____.
[] Hot :D
[] Cute
[] On My Mind ♥
[] Sweet :D
[] Mean! =P
[] Funny ^_^

I ____.
[] Don't Know You
[] Would Like To Text You
[] Would Like You To Put This As Your Status So I Can 'Like' It :p
[] Like you ;)
[] Love you ♥
[] Want to chill with you :)

This is pretty much the new frenzy on fb, although, we seriously quite frequently see it. And so i thought, looks fun, and 'liked' it on a fren's status, whom i dont really know, but cant wait to meet when i get back. :)
Seriously, the questions dont seem difficult at all, until a few random people who you dont even know/ hardly know 'likes' it on your status.
There! i spent 15 minutes thinking what to tick without being rude, avoiding unwanted attention at the same time. In the end, i posted on a friend's wall who 'liked' it. WTF you liked it for?! ....
cause, i saw this option:
[] Would Like You To Put This As Your Status So I Can 'Like' It :p
rendered speechless, but hey. -.-
Great, there's my answer.

What's on my mind:
pitter patter the rain falls,
sudden gush and sudden stops,
UK weather had never been more gay,
especially when i currently am the same.

pushed back by the woody-ness
i fall back into the midst of game,
intense and straight i was,
until the sudden change in wind.

The book of tomorrow it was,
Cecelia Anhern it was not.

i am now interrupted by the skype calls from my family.
they keep coming. -.-
zzz, i am now officially unable to drown back into my thoughts.
yea but i pretty much cant identify whether or not the problem is even existing.
maybe it does, in another form of my own.
x: ah well, dat is, if u are able to decipher from the 2 and a half incomplete stanza's of the poem. haha.
ahhh well... :D

and ive got 2 annonymous comments for the previous blog post.
Thank you for reading it. :)

And oih! cheryl leong! thanks for reading leh. miss u so much coming home soon!